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Configure Amazon S3 Buckets for Versioning & Cross-Region Replication

S3 versioning and cross-region replication allows you to create robust disaster recovery strategies that safeguard your data!


S3 buckets offer versioning, which allows you to preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of an object stored in the bucket. This feature is helpful for maintaining historical data and recovering from accidental deletions or overwrites. In addition, S3 provides cross-region replication, enabling you to replicate objects across different AWS regions for enhanced data durability and availability. This means that in the event of a regional outage or disruption, your data remains accessible from another region.

Enabling versioning and cross-region replication for your S3 buckets empowers you to create robust disaster recovery strategies that safeguard your data against various failure scenarios. These features augment the overall durability and availability of your stored objects, ultimately contributing to better data protection practices within your AWS environment.

Lab Activity / Objectives

Configure and Test Amazon S3 Bucket Versioning

Configure and Test Amazon S3 Cross-Region Replication

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Where is the lab/Sandbox environment?

We will provide all the instruction necessary to perform the hands-on lab activities. You need to perform the activity in your own AWS account!

  1. Your AWS Account

Target Audience

The workshop is relevent to: 

  1. Anyone who is curious
  2. AWS Beginners
  3. Systems Administrators
  4. Database Administrators/Developers
  5. Data Engineers/Scientics/Analysts
  6. Cloud Programmers
  7. CI/CD Engineers

Skills Required

The following skills are required to perform this workshop:

  1. AWS Basics
  2. Database Basics
  3. Networking Basics
  4. Data Engineering Basics

Billing/Cost for the Cloud Resources!!

When engaging in lab activities on AWS, it is crucial to remember to shut down and delete any resources created after completing the tasks. This is because you are personally responsible for any costs incurred during the lab activity. While many labs can be comfortably conducted within the boundaries of the free-tier services, it is possible that some specific labs might cost you some money.

To avoid unexpected charges, it is essential to diligently manage your AWS resources and ensure their termination once they have served their purpose. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary expenses affecting your AWS account. Therefore, be cautious and monitor your resource allocation closely throughout the lab activity.

What are Workshops?

Workshops are lab activities that has specific objectives. The lectures/videos demonstrate you the hands-on activities. You are expected to perform the same in your AWS/Azure/GCP account. 

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