Python 3 Standard Library Essentials

Packed with tools that are ready to be used!

Course Summary

Python libraries can reduce the amount of time required for script development and lower your frustration with coding. Discover how familiarity with the library's built-in functions, math modules, and input and output modules can simplify the creation of Python scripts.

You will learn:
•  Working with “sys” and “os” modules.
•  Processing command-line arguments.
•  Using “argparse” module to create professional scripts.
•  Working with math, random and statistics modules to perform various types of numerical tasks.
•  Working with date, time, date difference, time stamps.
•  Formatting dates and times for desired output.
•  Learn to use “timeit” to measure execution time of small code snippets.
•  Learn to time code execution.
•  Learn to work with text files.
•  Learn to work with csv files.
•  Learn to work with .ini files.
•  Learn to read and create zip files.
•  Learn to serialize and de-serialize python objects.
•  Learn to use “ipaddress” module.
•  Learn to determine the hash values of a string.
•  Learn to determine the hash values of files.

Course Curriculum

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