YAML Fundamentals for DevOps, Cloud & IaC Engineers

A required skill for DevOps, Cloud & IaC Engineers

Course Summary

YAML is a data serialization language. The "YAML Fundamentals" course helps beginners with the required skills to develop YAML documents. Most common languages provide support for YAML like GO, Python, Java, C# etc., You will see YAML being used in various ways in the industry for web service communication, configuration management, configuration files, data store, etc.

This course helps you build skills to develop a properly structured YAML document in both block style and flow style. The "flow style" is also known as JSON style or compact style.

In today's market, every IT professional is expected to know YAML.

  • What is YAML? 
  • Compare YAML with HTML, JSON and XML   
  • YAML Structure   
  • Data types in YAML 
  • Complex Mapping   
  • Learn to document multiple YAML documents in a single file. 
  • Handling multi-line strings.   
  • Advance features of YAML (Tags, Anchors, Chomping, etc.)   
  • Representing data using YAML   
  • Different styles of documenting YAML   
  • Tools and Technologies leveraging YAML data serialization format   
  • Creating and validating YAML using VS CODE Editor 
  • Using Python to read & extract data from YAML documents 
  • Using Python to determine the data types in YAML documents 
  • Reviewing example Kubernetes YAML document   
  • Reviewing example Ansible YAML playbook

Course Curriculum

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